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Chopsticks, an iconic part of the Chinese culture for over 3000 years, are now used across the globe. Our aim is to introduce a new generation of luxurious chopsticks to your most special dining events.

LuxSticks was pioneered by three friends who shared a mutual interest and ambition. Passionate about various traditions we chose to explore the indigenous chopsticks from the Chinese culture. Our goal was to bring flavor to a traditional utensil to make it more appealing. We provide high quality, fun, and a modern twist of chopsticks that are one of a kind.

Built on friendship, love, and trust, we wanted our products to have the same impact on our customers. LuxSticks brings luxury in the form of chopsticks. A touch of class and elegance added to the chopsticks to give you a unique dining experience. These high-quality reusable chopsticks are made from polymer materials using a glass fiber synthesis process. Having a smooth finish and no pores on the surface prevents our chopsticks from having reactions to the food that they come in contact with. Our chopsticks are safer, healthier, easier to clip, and more durable. We produce various designs of chopsticks to make them more suitable for every occasion.